Sunflower Community Credit Union is partnering together with the Kansas State Treasurer’s office in a Save at School Program in order to help teach students how to manage and develop a healthy respect for money. The program combines lessons developed by the State Treasurer’s office on money and the importance of savings. Sunflower U.P. Federal Credit will support the real life financial experience of having a savings account.

No withdrawals can be made through the school office. Withdrawals, with a parent, can be made at Sunflower Credit Union. Special accounts will be set up for students. The account requires an initial deposit of $5.00 to open and additional deposits may be as low as 50 cents for elementary students, $5.00 for junior/senior high students.

All accounts will require a social security number and a parent as a co-owner of the account.

Objectives / Benefits / Services

It is our goal to provide real life financial experiences and information to the youth in our community in order to nurture financially productive adults. Encourage good savings habits at an early age, help to promote financial responsibility in adulthood, and develop confidence where money management skills are concerned.

Deposits can be made at:

Sunflower Community Credit Union   M-F 9:00-5:00  Sat. 9:00-Noon or any Marysville or Hanover School

Rewards and Incentives

Each year we offer a new reward program to keep it interesting and exciting.  Every 7 visits receive a new reward for saving!

Each year we reward the kids after 28 visits with a new save @ school t-shirt.  Wear these t-shirts on save @ school day and get your name entered into our monthly drawing for a $10.00 deposit into your save @ school account.


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